Congratulations to all Lent observants! Easter is here! Come celebrate!

We have completed the journey of 40 days. We have gone through the desert of temptations to the promised land of freedom. We are now entering the great season of Easter of the risen Lord. In the next 50 days, prior to the risen Lord’s ascension to heaven, we immerse in the infinite joy of resurrection on earth. We are now anointed bearers of the reign of God to the temporal world as the Lord sends his empowered disciples to the ends of the earth!

Great thanks to all of our liturgical ministers, Covid 19 safety team, maintenance, office volunteers, and other servant leaders of our beloved community. Many of our faithful have kept our church running well for the last 12 months. Since March 2020, we have walked a narrowed path to keep the vigil light of the sanctuary on, open the worshiping space safe and sound for the holy Mass, welcome people to memorial services to reconciliations and everything in between. A heart of gratitude to almighty God and people of good will.

We are now at the moment to advance further our Parish Mission and open wider the door for the gift of Eucharist and the meaning of life. Since national vaccination roll-out increases and people are better equipped with knowledge and skill to work and gather safely, we are in a healthier position to increase our activities. We are blessed to be able to help the wider community with 450 people vaccinated as our Archdiocese continues its pastoral and strategic planning to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ in Pacific Northwest through parishes and their consolidations.

Our Parish website has been redesigned and enhanced. Please go to to take a look for your faith schedule and community information. While you are there, do take the Mass Survey to tell us your plan of return for Mass, request a prayer, and make an online giving. Be assured we are called to walk by faith. Through the ups and downs of human history, we continue to witness God’s loving plan of salvation for all.

Happy Easter everyone! The Lord is risen!! Alleluia Alleluia!!!

Fr. Hung Nguyen, Pastor